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BenQ Projector Calculator Tools

Choosing a projector for home or office can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. There are a lot of variable to consider.

You need to know if it's the right projector for the room or space you will use it most of the time. 

You may interested to know how much it will energy a particular projector will save.  Especially if you are buying more than one for an education or corporate setting. 

Finally, you concern may center around the total cost of ownership of your projectors over time.

Here are a few tools and resources which will help you choose just the right BenQ projector for your needs.

First - check out the BenQ Projector Throw Ratio Calculator.   This tool will help you determine the right fit - for home projectors or business projectors. Flash is required.

Second.  BenQ's SmartEco Savings Calculator, let you estimate how much you can save with a BenQ SmartEco Projector

Finally,  BenQ's long time technology partner, Texas Instruments, provides this Total Cost of Ownership Calculator